Physician Assistant

Nith Valley Family Practice is excited to welcome our very own Physician Assistant (or PA) to our care team. The role of Physician Assistant is relatively new in Ontario and many people have not had the opportunity to work with one in the past. Many of you may be asking ‘What is a Physician assistant?’ Well in brief:

Physician Assistants work in concert with Physicians to provide greater access to patient care. PAs attend specialized university programs, much like doctors and nurses. They operate under the purview of a physician but are not:


     Medical Students

     Medical Secretaries

     Junior Doctors    

     Junior Nurses

Physician Assistants are Advanced Practice Clinicians. They can perform a wide array of tasks including:

      Patient consults and assessments

      Diagnostic procedures

      Biopsies and other minor surgical procedures

      Create and enact a patient care plan

      Prescribe medications

Saif Butt B.Sc.

Saif (pronouced Saph as in Saphire) was born in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, and grew up in Hamilton, Ontario. He attended McMaster University from which he first obtained an Honours Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, and then went on to complete the Physician Assistant Education Program also at McMaster. Saif moved to Kitchener near the end of 2020 to start his professional career at the Nith Valley Family Practice and could not be more excited. Saif’s first and strongest passion has always been dance - specifically in the form of hip-hop. He taught himself how to dance by watching YouTube videos growing up and eventually went on to join the varsity team at McMaster to participate in Ontario-wide competitions. Another passion of Saif’s is having riveting debates or philosophical discussions; these can range from which superpower is most useful to whether or not we have an inherent purpose in life. Overall, Saif enjoys a thoughtful conversation mixed with a healthy dose of humour in his free time. Saif also has a recently developed interest in travel; he’s backpacked a handful of countries in Europe, visited the beaches in Costa Rica and hiked mountains in British Columbia, but he still craves more adventure and novel experiences. If you have any places you’d recommend visiting, movies you’d recommend watching, or books you’d recommend reading, let Saif know; he’s making quite the to-do list. 

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