COVID-19 Statement

Dear Patients of Nith Valley Family Practice, 

Many of us have never before seen the level and rate of change that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused us and naturally for many of us this has brought with it stress, anxiety, fear and uncertainty. We have all been affected and each of us reacts differently. At times like this is it especially important to support each other, and be mindful of the fact that we all see any situation differently-our own experience of this situation may be different from another's. 

It is essential that as a community we practice social distancing and self-isolation. What is key about this is that we need to maintain physical distance from each other. This being said, humans are social creatures by nature and most need contact for our mental well being. Make sure you and your loved ones are well connected via the internet or phones and have a means of reaching out to others. 

Many of us will find ourselves working from home. A practice that can be made more difficult by potentially having a house that is more full than normal. It is essential that in these situations we accept that we may not be as productive as usual, but we should maintain goals and a schedule to protect our mental health. 

Although it may seem hard now, and extreme measures have been put into place the hope is that we can flatten the curve of COVID-19's spread and thus minimize both the overall impact and the duration of that impact. For more information on what it means to "flatten the curve" take a look at this article by the Washington Post. It has a solid explanation and some helpful animations. 

Please take the time to visit our other information pages on specific aspects of self-care during this time. 


Your Nith Valley Family Practice care team

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