2020 Seasonal Flu shots

Booking an appointment

This year we will be offering flu shots via drive-through, starting on October 16th 

Flu shots are available by appointment only:

Fridays        1pm -5 pm

Saturdays     9am -12 pm

Call to book: (519) 662-1551

Upon Arrival

1. Clinic will be held at the back of our office building. Follow signs when you arrive, and please        remain in your car at all times.

2. You must arrive at the time of your appointment (try not to be too early, as this will congest           our parking lot). If you are late, we may not be able to accommodate you.

3. Masks must be worn for everybody's safety


4. Please have your arm ready (sleeve rolled up) when it's your turn


5. Children getting shots should be un-bundled and have their arms accessible from the window.

6. Please remain in your car for 15 minutes after getting your shot before leaving


7. No other immunizations will be given at these appointments